Thursday, December 21, 2006

This Christmas season will be the first year of my 56 yr marriage to my wonderful wife Pauline (Paula) that we have not sent out our Christmas/Holiday greeting cards. Our love for all of our friends and family that have over whelmed us with good and holy prayers has made this time bearable.
We just can't get into the seasonal sprit because of the left and right combinations of physical blows that have invaded our retirement. I have friends like Bruno Fucci that called almost daily, and too, with encouragement and knowledge from his wonderful wife/Nurse Gail.
The emails are my only contact with the outside world, and that is filled by my dearest friend Ted Perzeszty and wife Pat. Ted inspires as does Dave Minott, although they carry a physical cross of great proportion themselves. Ted never mentions his ailments and has more jokes than even the far west mensch Howie "The horrible" Purnick. I cherish these friends; for my greatest joy was my employment at CBS, where everyday I met an explosive talent of sorts, and some of those had great wit to boot.
I spend a great deal of time in bed, so my day-dreams are of times-gone-by. I fill them with the my only gift. I have an ability to recall in almost video detail instances of my days at CBS. I think of the great gregarious Joe Desmond, and I ponder who could not love this giant intellectual man? He could stop a rehersal with his antics. And, the actors themselves loved the respite from their tensions.
I would have to go through the seniority list to mention the people that impressed me with their talents and the willingness to share that talent.
Frank Novak has coined a phrase that I use often now although it refers to a sad time, it softens the heart renderings. "The rainbow bridge." I do hope that Frank, who has the gift to relay stories about our brother/sisterhood, does picks up the mantle, and tells more of his homey-style recollections.
Even that technical devouring Harold Deppe, can make you see the equipment that we all plied our skills on in a different light. Harold too, likes his quick quip.
I am wandering now, so I will close with just one more thought.
John Louis Koushouris, someone with immense talent in both sides of the art-form can fill our reveries with so many wonderful vignettes of his great journey through CBS; that to deny us those memories, and to leave a space in our glorious history would be a shame. "Come back little Sheba" and fill the cup of forgiveness as we too overlook any real or imagined slight. As I remember you, that toughness was always tempered with the talent of acceptances. I truly hope to see more from you on all aspects of your trip down the yellow-brick-road of CBS past.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL AND TO ALL---------- (screw you Tiny Tim, I'm going to live)

P.S. A special Merry Christmas to Gayle DePoli, my adopted daughter, who reminds me often to dwell on the good of people.

Tony Cucurullo