Sunday, December 24, 2006

Picture was taken in studio 42 control room during a production of Studio One. I think it was taken in the early 50's but it may have been taken as early as 1949.
I cannot remember all the names but will identify those of which I'm fairly certain.

In the foreground is Dan Parmelee at video control. I cannot see enough of the other video man to identify. Behind me is lighting director Gil DeStefano (not sure of spelling) and to his left is Studio One Producer Tony Minor.

At the production console left to right is the script person (forgot title), Assistant Director Lila Swift, Director name unknown and Technical Director Al (Pappy) Treat. Audio man was not shown. Behind them in clients section are client and agency reps, names long forgotten. Maybe someone viewing this will be able to identify those unknown.

Each person in this picture was given a copy by Tony Minor. They were all 11X14 and good quality black and white.

Great web site in every respect. Nice job by all.

Dan Parmelee

"Call forPhillip Morris!"