Thursday, December 28, 2006

On Dec 27, 2006, at 3:32 PM, Dave Ellison wrote:

Hi Bob,

See the attached image – it’s 1952 Schlitz ad I have in my computer.
If you look in the upper right, you’ll see W2BOB QSL card on the wall!
Probably just a random thing – perhaps you didn’t even have the call back
then. But either way, I thought you’d get a kick out of it. None of the other
calls are active now. Maybe buddies of the ad designer perhaps…

Or by long shot did you have something to do with beer or advertising in 1952 and
hook up with the artist? L o n g shot!!

Anyway, hope you like it.


Tacoma, WA

Dave Ellison
Penton Audio USA

Hi Dave:

Thanks for your Christmas greeting via Jackie Lawson. Sorry about the image not being in the message about the Schlitz ad. W2BOB QSL Card is 2nd down just above the W1LBQ. ( I am sipping a Schlitz as I write this.) My Grandma Maickel's maiden name was Uihlein. The Uihlien family owned Joseph Schlitz brewery in Milwaukee in 1952. My Grandma was a distant cousin to those folks. Grandma taught us to pronounce the name as U-Line, but the Wisconsin natives call it E-Line or I-Line. BTW in 1942, at age 7,
I did tour the brewery with my mom and relatives who lived in Milwaukee, but they had no relationship to the Uihlien family. We did see the Uihlein mansion on the shore of Lake Michigan however.


Happy New Year!


Here's the Ad: