Saturday, December 09, 2006

My dad, David Hogen (son of CBS's John Hogen) has always told me stories about going to the Chrysler building or seeing some kind of contraption that came out of the labs there. He remembers a large station wagon loaded with gear (and an antenna from bumper to bumper) that was used to broadcast the first live TV feed. Also, they had a house in New Jersey, and picked up the TV broadcast being beamed from the city (this probably pertained to the first color broadcasts still in testing).
My grandfather never went to college (self-taught/8th grade education), and this was apparently a reason he was limited in moving up through the ranks at CBS. He was pretty worked-up when my dad graduated, and it’s been somewhat of a family tradition to really celebrate college graduations since then.
My dad also mentioned the CBS logo being some kind of design that my grandfather worked on – I saw quite a few pictures on the website of calibration schemes, so that must be what he was referring to.
I also noticed the HAM page…his callsign was W2CFQ (I have a plaque he made with it). I looked into picking up the call sign for myself, but I have to be in that region to use it (I’m in Maryland right now). Maybe sometime in the future!
As for things outside CBS, I know he hand-built radios for both government and private use. When I was really young, there was always an antenna or something around the house…and most holiday gifts came from Radio Shack!
That’s all that comes to mind for now. You’re welcome to publish this info on the website if you find it useful.

James A. Hogen