Monday, December 11, 2006

JOHN HOGEN: I'm confused with the current e-mail, subject of which is John Hogen.

My name is John Koushouris of Stratford, CT. and it was my good fortune to work with a very gracious and highly knowledgeable John Hogen at CBS Labs (ERD) from 1949 till 1950. He was one of my best buddies as I was in my very early twenties while he was more senior always helping me while explaining technical problems and once in a while, some good advice on life and it's ups and downs.

I remember, on first being introduced to him, that he made it a pointed fact that HogEn was spelled with an E and not an A as it was German in origin. He helped me no end because I was really wet behind the ears in that first job working directly for the Technical Genius, Dr. Peter C. Goldmark.

He had the energy and enthusiasm, honestly, of an active teenage boy and a great sense of humor and laugh that easily outdid me.

If your John Hogen Is my John Hogen and you live in the New York area we could meet for lunch one day while I'd be happy to answer your questions and tell you about one of my most favorite friends. I'll probably bring along for you a copy my first book in which I describe the "happy years" 1945 through 1950.

Best regards,

John L. Koushouris.

John: Why not email him directly?