Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I thought we might all get a "kick" out of these 2001 predictions that I "dredged up" from our archives.
Sadly, some of the "culprits" are no longer with us, but we can reflect, and think kind thoughts...

From Tony Cucurullo:

I predict for the year 2002:
(1) Pierce Evans book will hit the stands a be a big seller.
(2) Mary Durante will come busting out of hiding and grace the Retirees luncheons again with her smile, and her hugs.
(3) Harold Deppe will come east and see the state of the company, and quickly return to his caves in Arizona. I hope he brings his pet Scorpion.
(4) Howie Purnick will come to a luncheon with his holy wife Vida, and break bread, and tell us about the gold mine he and Don Stesson, and Mal Wienges, discovered. They will try to sell shares in it. I hope he takes back the bridge I bought from him last time.
(5) That Chico Claudio will reveal to all that he is actually the voice of Elmo the grouch. And that his lovely wife Betty is Big Bird.
(6) Ted Perzeszty will announce his conversion from Atheism to Catholicism because they have all of the holidays
(7) Bob Dailey will tell us his secret that he and Hal Classon have for their youthful appearances. I believe they buy a potion from Bruno Fucci, who gets it from a Chirkinian goat, that's in heat.
(8) Charlie D'Onfrio, will finally cut his eyebrows to revel he is really Anita O'Mara's clone failure.
(9) Larry Tisch will take the proceeds from his new business manual, ("I up'd my income, Now up yours") and donate it to his brother. Very generous man???
(10) Last, I shall stay humble, modest, and silent as usual, and very handsome in a bald way. These are my New Years predictions. What are yours?

Felice Navidad,

Tony C.