Thursday, December 28, 2006

Here is one of my sporadic quotes from our archives...

From Tony Cucurullo

2002, Like Haley's comet, that comes around every seventy-five years, this will be my first time around, at this age. However, if I do make it again, (ridiculous thought, but....) I hope I still meet some of the nice people I met at CBS. I have chronicled a lot of unabashed memories this past year, but, I wonder if I remembered two in particular. As I mention their names I hope it opens a door of pleasantries in your reverie. One could hear the sound, "Helloooo, Tooony" reverberating off the wall as you rounded the corner from the mail room on the lower level, and headed towards Lonnie's domain. His cheery "hello's" were unique because he was genuinely happy to see you and share a moment of joy with you. Presidents and porters were his friends, and there wasn't any distinction between them as far as Lonnie was concerned. He was a diplomat, without portfolio... a warm hearted human being with an unlimited capacity to make people feel special, just knowing him. Does anyone know where Lonnie is today, and is he still glowing for having met you? Rocco's, on tenth avenue. I don't really need to say anything more. Just let the images roll off the memory glands of your palette. for a buck, you couldn't eat better than at Rocco's. Standing in line at lunch time, was not a tedious wait, but, a glorious anticipation of the culinary treats you were about to devour. I wonder how many remember that during the big strike, that Rocco let many of us eat on the arm (not pay, for those non-Soprano types) until we went back to work eight weeks later. And he never reminded anyone that owed him. In my heart, I believe not one person stiffed him. My mouth is watering thinking about his sandwich, "The Rocco." It was a half loaf of Italian bread with a liberal amount of grilled roast beef, with an abundance of sauteed onions and a lite gravy poured over it. One had to eat that sandwich in a stall shower, for all the juice that splashed over one's outerwear. At least it always got me. Rocco was an honorary CBS'er. I wish you could fill in the blanks and help me to remember some of our wonderful characters.