Saturday, December 23, 2006

Hello, John. I am happy to respond to you because I remember you vividly form those shows that we did from the color studios. Correct me please; weren't some of those shows done from a BUS. I recall, Lou Tedesco was the TD. He was uptight because he wanted to succeed so very much, but you lightened the atmosphere with your quick wit. One of the shows was with that great actor, Noel Coward, who was so gracious to all of us. I was the AT on the show, yet I worked with a shirt and tie, and at times with a jacket. It was hard work but, I would have worked for free. I just loved my job and knew I would get my chance someday. Yes, I finally did.
John, you can fill in so many spaces of our 'lore. We just lost an incomparable giant in Bob Dailey, and his memories. I liken that to having a fire in your home and you lose all of your family picture albums, don't let's lose your mental/visual albums of the era that is equivalent to the pioneers crossing America. We won't get a chance to see those stories. You are the fountain of those stories, let them come forth for all of us to relive them again in our reveries.
I would be pleased to read your book, for that will fill another of those voids that chemo creates. My address:

Tony Cucurullo
130 Cross Pointe Ct.
Yorktown Va. 23693

Peace to all.
(757) 875-1558