Sunday, December 24, 2006


Per chance, if you ever get to the famous skating ring at Rockefeller Center and view the gold sculpture of Prometheus that graces the wall on the side where the tree is, then take a walk on the promenade to the Fifth Avenue side and look up at the statue of Atlas supporting a globe of the world. Well, these two magnificent structures were made and cast in bronze by the father of Ted Perzeszty. He wasn't the artist, but he took that conception and turned into the formidable sculpture that we will enjoy for millennia.
Now, Sir Theodorable, we will expect many more details and some background information that is not available to the public. Also, where are the test sculptures that your Dad made to guide him, as if I don't know? So, take writing stick in hand and get to it, sir!
Next on the agenda is the story about Dave Minott's father, who created some of the fonts we use. Please David, I know you can write, even if it is only in engineering terms.
Tony C.