Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Contraption @ the Chrysler Building

I think I can shed some light on the "contraption at the Chrysler Building': referred to in the James Hogen E-mail. Sometime back in 1972 or 1973 I was asked by CBS Engineering to make a modification to a microwave facility at the Chrysler Building. This was at the time we were just beginning to use Electronic News Gathering. They wanted to mount some new microwave receivers at Chrysler. I went to the Chrysler building where we had a back-up transmitter and a rather unique microwave receive station. This was located at the top of the slanted portion of the top of the building just below the antenna tower. There were four doors , facing North, East, South and West, that could be opened. There was a rail system leading from the center of the building to each door. A trolley could be run on each rail system. A microwave receiver and dish with pan and tilt capability could be mounted to the end of the trolley. The trolley could then be rolled to the end of its track and the receiver and dish would be extended several feet beyond the doors. A unique contraption doesn't give justice to the description of this device. When those doors were opened at that height, I was holding on for dear life. A rather thrilling experience especially when the technician on duty leaned out the door to make adjustments to the microwave receiver. I made measurements for mounting the new equipment to the dolly but I like to think my most significant contribution was the recommendation for safety harnesses for the techs who were operating that equipment.

Jim Herschel
and thank you, Jim! Those harness points came in mighty handy when we were mounting the antennas
for the two meter Ham repeater at that location! We had to position the vertically polarized yagis
so that our radiation pattern kept us within the F.C.C. limits for H.A.A.T! - Dave