Monday, December 25, 2006

CBS 'master builder' Frank Stanton dead - Dec. 25, 2006:

CBS legend Frank Stanton dead at 98.
As president for 26 years, Stanton fought to protect journalism and helped build CBS into the 'Tiffany Network.'

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Frank Stanton, the broadcasting executive who as president of CBS for 26 years helped build it into the 'Tiffany Network,' died on Sunday at age 98.
Stanton died Sunday afternoon at his home in Boston, according to CBS News. He had been in declining health.
Stanton, who ran the network starting in the late 1940s, helped to develop it into a broadcasting powerhouse. He was a defender of the First Amendment and a strong supporter of journalists' rights.
'The spirit and the purpose of the First Amendment ... is to protect not the government, not the press, but the people,' he was quoted as saying on the CBS news Web site.
In his career, Stanton won five Peabody awards for journalistic excellence.
He was known as the master builder of CBS, turning a small radio network into a broadcasting powerhouse under company founder William Paley, who tapped Stanton as president in 1946.
He retired from the network in the 1970s.
'He was very courageous and he was principled and he never let us down,' said former '60 Minutes' executive producer Don Hewitt, according to a story on the CBS site 'The Showbuzz.'"