Saturday, December 23, 2006

As I checked the Memoriam page for the obituary about Jim McCarthy, I was also saddened to find that Stan Gould had also passed. These two great men were like surrogate fathers to me as I joined the ranks of the old CBS Field Crew. As they were both very close to my own fathers age, I found comfort in the fact that these were the guys that not only taught the "ways of the road", but they were both pretty good card players as well. Much of my per diem went to these two gentlemen and I'm sure it supplemented their coffers very nicely. (Tony C., like me was a constant contributor too!!!) As those who have gone before them, I am a better technician and a better person for having known them. They were two of three people (Tony C, being the third) that I always tried to keep in touch with especially at this time of year. That being said I would like to sincerely wish Tony and his family a very Happy Holiday season and good health for the New Year.

I also would like to share my condolences for both Steve Palecek and Gary Graffeo on the passing of their wives. May they both try to find peace and healing in the coming months and years.

Wishing all a very Happy Holiday season and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!


Jeff Pollack

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