Saturday, December 30, 2006

From Harry Peterson:

In a message dated 12/30/06 12:09:20 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

TONY LANDRY, W4MJG has died. He was almost 100.. more.....

Hello Harry...

I'm sorry to tell you that my Dad passed away on Christmas morning, just 2 months shy of 100 years of age..

He had been in a care facility since February when he took a bad spill. Although he bounced back fairly quickly, it took it's toll on his overall abilities and motivation. He did give everyone at the facility a run for their money with his diet, but they did always try to give him exactly what he wanted...even his bird seed breakfast of millet.

I would like you to know how grateful we are that you remained in touch with him as you did. He thrived on knowing he had such good friends...especially fellow radio men.

I wish you a very happy and healthy new year to come and for Tony I say.....over and out......

Gayle O'Donnell

Thursday, December 28, 2006

On Dec 27, 2006, at 3:32 PM, Dave Ellison wrote:

Hi Bob,

See the attached image – it’s 1952 Schlitz ad I have in my computer.
If you look in the upper right, you’ll see W2BOB QSL card on the wall!
Probably just a random thing – perhaps you didn’t even have the call back
then. But either way, I thought you’d get a kick out of it. None of the other
calls are active now. Maybe buddies of the ad designer perhaps…

Or by long shot did you have something to do with beer or advertising in 1952 and
hook up with the artist? L o n g shot!!

Anyway, hope you like it.


Tacoma, WA

Dave Ellison
Penton Audio USA

Hi Dave:

Thanks for your Christmas greeting via Jackie Lawson. Sorry about the image not being in the message about the Schlitz ad. W2BOB QSL Card is 2nd down just above the W1LBQ. ( I am sipping a Schlitz as I write this.) My Grandma Maickel's maiden name was Uihlein. The Uihlien family owned Joseph Schlitz brewery in Milwaukee in 1952. My Grandma was a distant cousin to those folks. Grandma taught us to pronounce the name as U-Line, but the Wisconsin natives call it E-Line or I-Line. BTW in 1942, at age 7,
I did tour the brewery with my mom and relatives who lived in Milwaukee, but they had no relationship to the Uihlien family. We did see the Uihlein mansion on the shore of Lake Michigan however.


Happy New Year!


Here's the Ad:

Here is one of my sporadic quotes from our archives...

From Tony Cucurullo

2002, Like Haley's comet, that comes around every seventy-five years, this will be my first time around, at this age. However, if I do make it again, (ridiculous thought, but....) I hope I still meet some of the nice people I met at CBS. I have chronicled a lot of unabashed memories this past year, but, I wonder if I remembered two in particular. As I mention their names I hope it opens a door of pleasantries in your reverie. One could hear the sound, "Helloooo, Tooony" reverberating off the wall as you rounded the corner from the mail room on the lower level, and headed towards Lonnie's domain. His cheery "hello's" were unique because he was genuinely happy to see you and share a moment of joy with you. Presidents and porters were his friends, and there wasn't any distinction between them as far as Lonnie was concerned. He was a diplomat, without portfolio... a warm hearted human being with an unlimited capacity to make people feel special, just knowing him. Does anyone know where Lonnie is today, and is he still glowing for having met you? Rocco's, on tenth avenue. I don't really need to say anything more. Just let the images roll off the memory glands of your palette. for a buck, you couldn't eat better than at Rocco's. Standing in line at lunch time, was not a tedious wait, but, a glorious anticipation of the culinary treats you were about to devour. I wonder how many remember that during the big strike, that Rocco let many of us eat on the arm (not pay, for those non-Soprano types) until we went back to work eight weeks later. And he never reminded anyone that owed him. In my heart, I believe not one person stiffed him. My mouth is watering thinking about his sandwich, "The Rocco." It was a half loaf of Italian bread with a liberal amount of grilled roast beef, with an abundance of sauteed onions and a lite gravy poured over it. One had to eat that sandwich in a stall shower, for all the juice that splashed over one's outerwear. At least it always got me. Rocco was an honorary CBS'er. I wish you could fill in the blanks and help me to remember some of our wonderful characters.
I have added the obituary for Pierce Evans to the "In Memoriam" page. The two black and white
images, as well as the text, was supplied by David Horowitz. Click here ___>In Memoriam
Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My wife, Paula and I spent Christmas alone, so we thought! It would have been not alone but togetherness, except for the telephone. The normal cadre of friends and relatives shook the ringer silly, but it was the UNEXPECTED calls from the ghosts of CBS present, that both amazed, and delighted my senses, (such as they are in this present state.)

They are as you read the names like Santa’s reindeer: There was, Jeff Pollack, and Goody Freed, George “The Hulk” Rothweiler, Teddy P, and George Klimy, and the greatest reindeer of all Dan Parmalee.

A short note from The Hulk would fill two pages, and to listen to Dan talk in warm tones makes for a gentle trip down the CBS halls, with coffee in hand.

Take the time and write to these fine citizens of the rules of the FCC bands. They will both delight and fill in the gaps of interest gone by. You can get the email address from

Another, from the pen of Rod Serling, I was at a check-out counter of a store in Virginia with the Innocuous name of UKROPS. Not quite as big as Wal-Mart, but classier looking in d├ęcor. When the man behind the register heard that I was from CBS he stated, “Did you know that Frank Stanton died? Of course, I did, but why did he? His name escapes me at the moment but, he said, he was interested in Mr. Stanton because his sister Lucille Callahan, once dated Frank Stanton when he attended Dayton Steele High School, in Dayton, Ohio. She is still alive as Mrs. Lucille Call, at the age of 100, and resides in, Florida. Strange, what you can get at a check-out counter besides your coins.

One final appeal to those wonderful callers. Not only did you brighten my day but you filled in some memories that have gone soft, and gave me fodder to embellish others. George Rothweiler can fill a book with all the info he has about CBS Present. We wish he would, he has promised to do so. Dan Parmalee resides in a day care center and wouldn’t mind hearing from his friends. He too, has wonderful memories about the days of yore. It would make for good reading to see it in print.

Well, let me get set for this morning’s jaunt to the chemo shop where I get my weekly dose of Snow White’s apple.

Now get your damn reindeer off-of-my-roof!

Tony Cucurullo
I came accross your site while googling for Frank B. Falknor, V.P. of Operations for CBS. He was my grandfather and I am trying to find as much information regarding him as I can, since I never actually met him (I was 3 months old at his funeral), though my mother has a few stories about him.

I was wondering if you had any more information regarding him and it would be extremely appreciated if you could share it.

Thanks and Regards,

David Pawlan
From: Jerry
Sent: Thursday, December 28, 2006 7:44 AM
Subject: ins. cost

Hey Tony how are you? I'm in SW FLORIDA., Cape Coral since I retired in 2001.
My health insurance payment has gone from $125 to $558 for 2007.
Has anyone said why it keeps going up at such a high rate?

Sorry my first e-mail to you is a bitch and will write again when I calm down.

Best to you,
Jerry Jaick
The TD in the Studio 42 control room is DWIGHT TEMPLE. It's a little before my time, but not much.
happy new year!

Bob Vernum

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I am sorry to report that Bob Callahan's wife, Mary, passed away on Dec. 22.
The particulars are below:

MARY T. CASEY CALLAHAN, 71, of the Shark River Hills section of NEPTUNE
Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 12/25/06
MARY T. CASEY CALLAHAN, 71, of the Shark River Hills section of NEPTUNE, formerly of Belmar, died Friday, Dec. 22, at the Medi Center in Neptune. Mrs. Callahan was member of the Daughters of Irish Heritage of Belmar. She was a parishioner of St. Rose Roman Catholic Church in Belmar. Born in Jersey City, Mrs. Callahan lived in Belmar for 30 years before moving to Shark River Hills two years ago.

She was predeceased by her daughter, the late Julie Ann Callahan, and her son, the late Thomas A. Callahan. She is survived by her husband, Robert W. Callahan; three sons, Michael A. Callahan, Robert A. Callahan, and James A. Callahan; her brother, Patrick Casey and his wife Maud; her sister, Nellie Sullivan; and two grandchildren, Julie Ann Callahan and Ronnie Callahan.

Visitation will be from 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday. Cremation will be held privately. In lieu of flowers, donations in her name to the American Cancer Society would be greatly appreciated.

Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday from the Reilly Funeral Home, 801 D St., Belmar (732-681-3900). A Mass of Christian Burial will follow at 10:30 a.m. at St. Rose Roman Catholic Church, Belmar.

Monday, December 25, 2006

CBS 'master builder' Frank Stanton dead - Dec. 25, 2006:

CBS legend Frank Stanton dead at 98.
As president for 26 years, Stanton fought to protect journalism and helped build CBS into the 'Tiffany Network.'

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Frank Stanton, the broadcasting executive who as president of CBS for 26 years helped build it into the 'Tiffany Network,' died on Sunday at age 98.
Stanton died Sunday afternoon at his home in Boston, according to CBS News. He had been in declining health.
Stanton, who ran the network starting in the late 1940s, helped to develop it into a broadcasting powerhouse. He was a defender of the First Amendment and a strong supporter of journalists' rights.
'The spirit and the purpose of the First Amendment ... is to protect not the government, not the press, but the people,' he was quoted as saying on the CBS news Web site.
In his career, Stanton won five Peabody awards for journalistic excellence.
He was known as the master builder of CBS, turning a small radio network into a broadcasting powerhouse under company founder William Paley, who tapped Stanton as president in 1946.
He retired from the network in the 1970s.
'He was very courageous and he was principled and he never let us down,' said former '60 Minutes' executive producer Don Hewitt, according to a story on the CBS site 'The Showbuzz.'"

I believe the Studio One control room photo was taken before 1950. I worked on Studio One for the entire 12 months of 1950. During that time George Gould was the TD, Joe Calvanico Audio, Lou Tedesco Video, and I handled the recorded music cues. The Directors alternated each week between Frank Schaffner and Paul Nickel.

Jay Chichon
The December issue of the Schubin Report is now available.
This is an audio feed (podcast) that usually contains interesting
information geared towards the Broadcast Industry.
You can find it here ___>The Schubin Report
Here are a couple of pictures that "fell thru the cracks."

Sent: Saturday, April 22, 2006 12:01 PM

Attached is a photo of my home in Monroe Twp. NJ...we moved from East Brunswick NJ to our residence here in March 2005 and are still trying to settle in. We enjoy it because it has given Irene and myself more time for visiting with the family and other activities since the grass mowing and other jobs are all taken care of ...The problem presently is trying to acquire NEW friends...I still recall a speaker at the CBS retirement session mentioning the friends situation..he said the new one's..... are acquaintances.....friends have to mold and grow like an old OAK tree...

I also found an old photo of a trip with the remote group to the Johnson Ranch...the president had to return to Washington for some reason and the interview was canceled...Lady Bird cooked up a barbecue for the crew...some of the crew had been from the Dallas TV station..


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Our sincere condolences to Dan Parmalee, who lost his wife Shirley on October 3rd last following a lengthy illness. She was known as Shirley Johnston and found work for many 1212 members during that big layoff while we were still at Grand Central. Some worked for Hank Alexander when he had that new bus.

Per chance, if you ever get to the famous skating ring at Rockefeller Center and view the gold sculpture of Prometheus that graces the wall on the side where the tree is, then take a walk on the promenade to the Fifth Avenue side and look up at the statue of Atlas supporting a globe of the world. Well, these two magnificent structures were made and cast in bronze by the father of Ted Perzeszty. He wasn't the artist, but he took that conception and turned into the formidable sculpture that we will enjoy for millennia.
Now, Sir Theodorable, we will expect many more details and some background information that is not available to the public. Also, where are the test sculptures that your Dad made to guide him, as if I don't know? So, take writing stick in hand and get to it, sir!
Next on the agenda is the story about Dave Minott's father, who created some of the fonts we use. Please David, I know you can write, even if it is only in engineering terms.
Tony C.
Picture was taken in studio 42 control room during a production of Studio One. I think it was taken in the early 50's but it may have been taken as early as 1949.
I cannot remember all the names but will identify those of which I'm fairly certain.

In the foreground is Dan Parmelee at video control. I cannot see enough of the other video man to identify. Behind me is lighting director Gil DeStefano (not sure of spelling) and to his left is Studio One Producer Tony Minor.

At the production console left to right is the script person (forgot title), Assistant Director Lila Swift, Director name unknown and Technical Director Al (Pappy) Treat. Audio man was not shown. Behind them in clients section are client and agency reps, names long forgotten. Maybe someone viewing this will be able to identify those unknown.

Each person in this picture was given a copy by Tony Minor. They were all 11X14 and good quality black and white.

Great web site in every respect. Nice job by all.

Dan Parmelee

"Call forPhillip Morris!"

Saturday, December 23, 2006

As I checked the Memoriam page for the obituary about Jim McCarthy, I was also saddened to find that Stan Gould had also passed. These two great men were like surrogate fathers to me as I joined the ranks of the old CBS Field Crew. As they were both very close to my own fathers age, I found comfort in the fact that these were the guys that not only taught the "ways of the road", but they were both pretty good card players as well. Much of my per diem went to these two gentlemen and I'm sure it supplemented their coffers very nicely. (Tony C., like me was a constant contributor too!!!) As those who have gone before them, I am a better technician and a better person for having known them. They were two of three people (Tony C, being the third) that I always tried to keep in touch with especially at this time of year. That being said I would like to sincerely wish Tony and his family a very Happy Holiday season and good health for the New Year.

I also would like to share my condolences for both Steve Palecek and Gary Graffeo on the passing of their wives. May they both try to find peace and healing in the coming months and years.

Wishing all a very Happy Holiday season and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!


Jeff Pollack

Jeffrey M. Pollack
(Office) 212-975-5662
(Pager) 877-7CBS-PAGE
(FAX) 212-975-2614
Tony: Back to your questions. We never had a bus for the sequential system. The first bus was the one I finally used on Miss America which was 1977 but CBS had a bus with the NTSC system well before that.

Oh, you bring back a giant of a memory with the show, "Together with Music" starring Noel Coward and Mary Martin. Wow, that was really a special which would take the cake in ratings today. I gave Mr. Coward my office as his private dressing room as he was very timid in the TV. surroundings. You wouldn't believe his level of gratitude ( it would be unknown today with the brashness of the current TV. operations and production groups.)

And Lou Tedesco, if a man could love another buddy without being "labelled," Lou was one of the greatest talents I ever had the priviledge to work with. He was definitely borderline genius.

If you keep asking questions I'll write forever!.

"Bona Natale" I know the spelling is wrong but the wish is not.

John K
Hello, John. I am happy to respond to you because I remember you vividly form those shows that we did from the color studios. Correct me please; weren't some of those shows done from a BUS. I recall, Lou Tedesco was the TD. He was uptight because he wanted to succeed so very much, but you lightened the atmosphere with your quick wit. One of the shows was with that great actor, Noel Coward, who was so gracious to all of us. I was the AT on the show, yet I worked with a shirt and tie, and at times with a jacket. It was hard work but, I would have worked for free. I just loved my job and knew I would get my chance someday. Yes, I finally did.
John, you can fill in so many spaces of our 'lore. We just lost an incomparable giant in Bob Dailey, and his memories. I liken that to having a fire in your home and you lose all of your family picture albums, don't let's lose your mental/visual albums of the era that is equivalent to the pioneers crossing America. We won't get a chance to see those stories. You are the fountain of those stories, let them come forth for all of us to relive them again in our reveries.
I would be pleased to read your book, for that will fill another of those voids that chemo creates. My address:

Tony Cucurullo
130 Cross Pointe Ct.
Yorktown Va. 23693

Peace to all.
(757) 875-1558
Hello, John. I am happy to respond to you because I remember you vividly form those shows that we did from the color studios. Correct me please; weren't some of those shows done from a BUS. I recall, Lou Tedesco was the TD. He was uptight because he wanted to succeed so very much, but you lightened the atmosphere with your quick wit. One of the shows was with that great actor, Noel Coward, who was so gracious to all of us. I was the AT on the show, yet I worked with a shirt and tie, and at times with a jacket. It was hard work but, I would have worked for free. I just loved my job and knew I would get my chance someday. Yes, I finally did.
John, you can fill in so many spaces of our 'lore. We just lost an incomparable giant in Bob Dailey, and his memories. I liken that to having a fire in your home and you lose all of your family picture albums, don't let's lose your mental/visual albums of the era that is equivalent to the pioneers crossing America. We won't get a chance to see those stories. You are the fountain of those stories, let them come forth for all of us to relive them again in our reveries.
I would be pleased to read your book, for that will fill another of those voids that chemo creates. My address:

Tony Cucurullo
130 Cross Pointe Ct.
Yorktown Va. 23693

Peace to all.
(757) 875-1558

Friday, December 22, 2006


I experienced an unusually warm feeling while reading your e-mail --- really, when I finished the piece I just stared at it for a couple of minutes, sat back in my comfortable desk chair and day dreamed of that fascinating time to have worked and lived.

And, I also thought, perhaps a copy of my first book, "THE GOLDEN AGE --- been there, done that"
might really give you a charge in recalling that marvelous time that we all still cherish so highly.

If I'm right, let me have your address and I'll priority mail you a copy. Meanwhile I hope you enjoy your Christmas while anticipating a New Year of magical healing. Best Regards!

Phone: 203-381-9935 John K.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

This Christmas season will be the first year of my 56 yr marriage to my wonderful wife Pauline (Paula) that we have not sent out our Christmas/Holiday greeting cards. Our love for all of our friends and family that have over whelmed us with good and holy prayers has made this time bearable.
We just can't get into the seasonal sprit because of the left and right combinations of physical blows that have invaded our retirement. I have friends like Bruno Fucci that called almost daily, and too, with encouragement and knowledge from his wonderful wife/Nurse Gail.
The emails are my only contact with the outside world, and that is filled by my dearest friend Ted Perzeszty and wife Pat. Ted inspires as does Dave Minott, although they carry a physical cross of great proportion themselves. Ted never mentions his ailments and has more jokes than even the far west mensch Howie "The horrible" Purnick. I cherish these friends; for my greatest joy was my employment at CBS, where everyday I met an explosive talent of sorts, and some of those had great wit to boot.
I spend a great deal of time in bed, so my day-dreams are of times-gone-by. I fill them with the my only gift. I have an ability to recall in almost video detail instances of my days at CBS. I think of the great gregarious Joe Desmond, and I ponder who could not love this giant intellectual man? He could stop a rehersal with his antics. And, the actors themselves loved the respite from their tensions.
I would have to go through the seniority list to mention the people that impressed me with their talents and the willingness to share that talent.
Frank Novak has coined a phrase that I use often now although it refers to a sad time, it softens the heart renderings. "The rainbow bridge." I do hope that Frank, who has the gift to relay stories about our brother/sisterhood, does picks up the mantle, and tells more of his homey-style recollections.
Even that technical devouring Harold Deppe, can make you see the equipment that we all plied our skills on in a different light. Harold too, likes his quick quip.
I am wandering now, so I will close with just one more thought.
John Louis Koushouris, someone with immense talent in both sides of the art-form can fill our reveries with so many wonderful vignettes of his great journey through CBS; that to deny us those memories, and to leave a space in our glorious history would be a shame. "Come back little Sheba" and fill the cup of forgiveness as we too overlook any real or imagined slight. As I remember you, that toughness was always tempered with the talent of acceptances. I truly hope to see more from you on all aspects of your trip down the yellow-brick-road of CBS past.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL AND TO ALL---------- (screw you Tiny Tim, I'm going to live)

P.S. A special Merry Christmas to Gayle DePoli, my adopted daughter, who reminds me often to dwell on the good of people.

Tony Cucurullo

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I have just read the John Koushouris Book { The Golden Age }...
Takes one back to the early days of Color Television...Golf ... Miss America,,
The good times and the bad times of Television. Very interesting book...
Merry Christmas to all ... and Tony. C. Get Well... You are in our Prayers.

Best Regards,
Harold Deppe

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I thought we might all get a "kick" out of these 2001 predictions that I "dredged up" from our archives.
Sadly, some of the "culprits" are no longer with us, but we can reflect, and think kind thoughts...

From Tony Cucurullo:

I predict for the year 2002:
(1) Pierce Evans book will hit the stands a be a big seller.
(2) Mary Durante will come busting out of hiding and grace the Retirees luncheons again with her smile, and her hugs.
(3) Harold Deppe will come east and see the state of the company, and quickly return to his caves in Arizona. I hope he brings his pet Scorpion.
(4) Howie Purnick will come to a luncheon with his holy wife Vida, and break bread, and tell us about the gold mine he and Don Stesson, and Mal Wienges, discovered. They will try to sell shares in it. I hope he takes back the bridge I bought from him last time.
(5) That Chico Claudio will reveal to all that he is actually the voice of Elmo the grouch. And that his lovely wife Betty is Big Bird.
(6) Ted Perzeszty will announce his conversion from Atheism to Catholicism because they have all of the holidays
(7) Bob Dailey will tell us his secret that he and Hal Classon have for their youthful appearances. I believe they buy a potion from Bruno Fucci, who gets it from a Chirkinian goat, that's in heat.
(8) Charlie D'Onfrio, will finally cut his eyebrows to revel he is really Anita O'Mara's clone failure.
(9) Larry Tisch will take the proceeds from his new business manual, ("I up'd my income, Now up yours") and donate it to his brother. Very generous man???
(10) Last, I shall stay humble, modest, and silent as usual, and very handsome in a bald way. These are my New Years predictions. What are yours?

Felice Navidad,

Tony C.

Thoughts on Bob Dailey

It has taken some time for me to gather my thoughts regarding Bob.

He will live in my memory as a true icon of sports directing. I am somewhat apalled by the lack of response to his death. There are many-many Technicans who, in great part, owe their careers to him. He never failed to heap praise on the deserving and be cautiously critical of the not so deserving. I personally spent the equivalent of many weeks sitting at his right in numerous U.S. Open tennis tournaments, PGA golf, and NFL football games. It was always his professional approach that impressed me. I will miss his nearly daily e-mails to me ,but I know I will never forget him. I will mostly miss his sense of humor.

Bob Vernum
Please extend our most sincere condolences to the Consiglio Family. Our children grew up together in Rockland County. It is with a very heavy heart that we receive this sad news. Our prayers go out to all of them.

Goody & Judy Freed

Monday, December 18, 2006

Sun City

A friend took this picture December 12; you can't beat the weather here. Today is 71 deg and sunny. Come on down!
Jorge Moran

Please extend our most sincere condolences to both Garry Graffeo & Steve Polecek. These ladies must have been very young. It is a sad state when the children are passing away. Our hearts go out to all of them.

Goody & Judy Freed





I am sorry to report that Al Consiglio's oldest son, Richard F. Consiglio passed away on Thanksgiving day. Cause of death, heart attack. He was 52 years old.

Ted Perzeszty

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I hope you remember me from CBS New York, and then in Washington news bureau with Sid Kaufman and then Hy Badler. I'm writing you this following the news about Pierce Evans passing away. Pierce and I were old friends and
would ride in to NY on the LIRR from Levittown when I was in Radio before moving to TV.

While on a visit to Florida to visit relatives I called Sally Evans and learned that Pierce had fallen and was in recoup
in St Augustine. On our way home to Maryland my wife Peg and I drove over from the west coast and visited him.
We had a great visit, talked over old times and of course the Retiree web site. He said that he could no longer handle the computer and asked me to contact you and offer you many thanks for all the help and work you did with him and on the web site. I can't tell you of my shock when we arrived home for thanksgiving and the next week when I went on line
to learn of his passing.

So for Pierce and myself, thanks! I hope that all is well with you and yours and that you have a fine holiday season.

Jim Hargreaves
13746 Notley Road
Silver Spring, MD 20904
301 384-5607

PS My new email address

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I have just been informed that Steve Palecek`s wife, Ginnie,
passed away. I have no other information at this time.

Cal Marotta

Contraption @ the Chrysler Building

I think I can shed some light on the "contraption at the Chrysler Building': referred to in the James Hogen E-mail. Sometime back in 1972 or 1973 I was asked by CBS Engineering to make a modification to a microwave facility at the Chrysler Building. This was at the time we were just beginning to use Electronic News Gathering. They wanted to mount some new microwave receivers at Chrysler. I went to the Chrysler building where we had a back-up transmitter and a rather unique microwave receive station. This was located at the top of the slanted portion of the top of the building just below the antenna tower. There were four doors , facing North, East, South and West, that could be opened. There was a rail system leading from the center of the building to each door. A trolley could be run on each rail system. A microwave receiver and dish with pan and tilt capability could be mounted to the end of the trolley. The trolley could then be rolled to the end of its track and the receiver and dish would be extended several feet beyond the doors. A unique contraption doesn't give justice to the description of this device. When those doors were opened at that height, I was holding on for dear life. A rather thrilling experience especially when the technician on duty leaned out the door to make adjustments to the microwave receiver. I made measurements for mounting the new equipment to the dolly but I like to think my most significant contribution was the recommendation for safety harnesses for the techs who were operating that equipment.

Jim Herschel
and thank you, Jim! Those harness points came in mighty handy when we were mounting the antennas
for the two meter Ham repeater at that location! We had to position the vertically polarized yagis
so that our radiation pattern kept us within the F.C.C. limits for H.A.A.T! - Dave
I remember a Mr. John Hogan who was a stalwart on the Field Crew in the early 50's. He was the "go to" guy in setting up and operating remote microwave transmission for LIVE broadcasting. Perhaps some of the old timers can shed some light on this particular Mr. Hogan or Hogen, particularly the Field Crew members under Mr Bob Wilson.

Frank Novack

Monday, December 11, 2006

JOHN HOGEN: I'm confused with the current e-mail, subject of which is John Hogen.

My name is John Koushouris of Stratford, CT. and it was my good fortune to work with a very gracious and highly knowledgeable John Hogen at CBS Labs (ERD) from 1949 till 1950. He was one of my best buddies as I was in my very early twenties while he was more senior always helping me while explaining technical problems and once in a while, some good advice on life and it's ups and downs.

I remember, on first being introduced to him, that he made it a pointed fact that HogEn was spelled with an E and not an A as it was German in origin. He helped me no end because I was really wet behind the ears in that first job working directly for the Technical Genius, Dr. Peter C. Goldmark.

He had the energy and enthusiasm, honestly, of an active teenage boy and a great sense of humor and laugh that easily outdid me.

If your John Hogen Is my John Hogen and you live in the New York area we could meet for lunch one day while I'd be happy to answer your questions and tell you about one of my most favorite friends. I'll probably bring along for you a copy my first book in which I describe the "happy years" 1945 through 1950.

Best regards,

John L. Koushouris.

John: Why not email him directly?

Thank you for the kind words and for posting my comments. I have indeed graduated and been job searching for a few months (amazing how long it takes) – hoping I’ll have something in place for the new year.
I’m glad I could add to the amazing work you’ve done, and look forward to seeing future updates to the website.

Merry Christmas,
James A. Hogen

It's just sad to see this website, day to day reporting another Brother (or Sister) passed away.
Let's report in while we still can - a few words... a photo or two.
Time is so short, as you can see.

Harold Deppe

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I have started a new album with Page 11. Here you can enlarge James Hogen's watch pictures to better
see the engraving. Click here ___>Page 11
My dad, David Hogen (son of CBS's John Hogen) has always told me stories about going to the Chrysler building or seeing some kind of contraption that came out of the labs there. He remembers a large station wagon loaded with gear (and an antenna from bumper to bumper) that was used to broadcast the first live TV feed. Also, they had a house in New Jersey, and picked up the TV broadcast being beamed from the city (this probably pertained to the first color broadcasts still in testing).
My grandfather never went to college (self-taught/8th grade education), and this was apparently a reason he was limited in moving up through the ranks at CBS. He was pretty worked-up when my dad graduated, and it’s been somewhat of a family tradition to really celebrate college graduations since then.
My dad also mentioned the CBS logo being some kind of design that my grandfather worked on – I saw quite a few pictures on the website of calibration schemes, so that must be what he was referring to.
I also noticed the HAM page…his callsign was W2CFQ (I have a plaque he made with it). I looked into picking up the call sign for myself, but I have to be in that region to use it (I’m in Maryland right now). Maybe sometime in the future!
As for things outside CBS, I know he hand-built radios for both government and private use. When I was really young, there was always an antenna or something around the house…and most holiday gifts came from Radio Shack!
That’s all that comes to mind for now. You’re welcome to publish this info on the website if you find it useful.

James A. Hogen

Atlantic Ocean (Nov. 04, 2006) - Sailors from the multipurpose amphibious assault ship USS WASP (LHD 1) assist an injured cruise ship passenger off the RHIB to provide medical care and transport to the closest land medical facility. Wasp providing medical care to three civilians and one Chilean submariner that have been injured while out at sea. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communications Specialist 1st Class Jeremy Siegrist (RELEASED)

I just signed on to the website and found out about Bob Dailey. Please convey my condolences to his family as I don't have an E-mail address for him. I gathered copies of the time a bunch of us spent on the Wasp in 1965 for a Gemini mission, cruising around the Bermuda Triangle for 8 days, which I was about to send to him as soon as I got an address...

Looking at the list of CBS'er on that assignment, there aren't many left...

Harry Charles

A second memorable flashback for me to the CBS Days! First Jay Chichon and now Sid Kaufman.
What I remember most about Sid was his great sense of humor and his pleasantness, which carried him far with his coworkers in the TV business. With Sid on the crew, everyone's "Comfort Factor" was expanded.
What's your address --- I have a few questions about the whereabouts of some of our favorite people,
(excluding of course, the "Pioneer Bashers")

John K.

BANG! The hammer of life has slammed down on another unsuspecting soul. Robert “Bob” Dailey past through this mortal coil on his way across the rainbow bridge of life.

A giant in life’s work, he set marks of excellence that will be hard to follow, difficult to surpass.

His association with the great and near-great complimented each other. His work with the giant, and through the giant and as an equal to the giant CBS-TV caused his right of passage to be carved on the pantheons immortal hall of fame.

The table is set in Val halla and a seat is in place for Bob. Who next shall answer the trumpets call to sit with Bob, Pierce, the hammer of life can fall on anyone of William Paley’s boys?

Tony Cucurullo
More sad news:

I was just informed by George Klimcsak that Bob Dailey past away today. More information to follow when it comes in.

Ted Perzeszty

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

An update on Bob Dailey.

He will be home from the hospital today and recuperate at home... He was banged up good on the fall on the cruise ship and has a way to go.

What a story... they got him off the ship to a dinghy from the heli carrier Wasp, dropped him down in a carriage, and his wife and daughter followed on a rope ladder in the middle of the ocean with 30 foot waves, and got him to the Azores.

Know we all wish him well...

Sid Kaufman
Here's a chance to laud over a guy we all enjoyed immensely working with on a golf remote. Romeo Quaranta who I feel was attached to Ken Venturi at the hip, always seemed to have tears of joy and laughter working with him. Jerry Sullivan, Pat Summerall, George 'Klimy' Klimcsak, Jerry Jaick and all the others that had an opportunity to share a moment or two with one of the finest golfers and trick shot artists are happy in life for sharing time with him.
It would certainly be delightful if only some of you would recall some of these vignettes, and pass them on for all, to see the range of talent that one person does posses.
Mostly though, we wish him well, so that he can go forward and keep entertaining people on and off the screen.

The best to Ken.

Tony Cucurullo


Tuesday, December 05, 2006


     Stu & Marlene Meyers

Friday, December 01, 2006


Glad to see the web page working again... Sorry to hear about Pierce Evans and Bob Dailey. I wonder if that "WASP" that picked him up was the same one we CBS'ers were on for Gemini GTA-6 Mission?

Harry Charles
Just received this by email this morning, I have no other details at this time:

Sorry to report that my dear wife, Charlotte, passed away this morning at 1:30AM

Harold Schutzman