Thursday, November 30, 2006

“The Shroud,” by Pierce Evans, a book from the fertile mind of a gentile man. I am pleased that he asked me to be the imprimatur of that book. For that set the stage for a play on friendships that was not very long in time, for I never met the man, yet we worked in the same company for many years.

Telephone calls, and emails brought much joy into my heart for the man could laugh basso profundo’. We didn’t discuss CBS for he was in a department where the technical level was so high they even said, “Good morning” in algebra.

Ted Perzeszty worked with Pierce many times, and through him we became friends. I enjoyed Pierce’s discussing his area of retirement, for he and ‘His Sally’ made that a home. Their minds and hearts were filled with flowers and good books, walks on the beach, his word descriptions of the many Cape Canaveral rocket shots were surreal mental Picasso’s.

I will miss Pierce Evans, soldier, writer, engineer and another great addition to the CBS pantheon of those that helped birth the advent of the Television art form. A truly great man.

Tony Cucurullo