Monday, October 09, 2006

was looking at the CBS retiree web site and noticed the discussion of CBS Studio 72 is considered the first Commercial Color Television with scheduled programming broadcast in NTSC color.
Some people on the web site might like this news clipping concerning CBS Studio 72.
It is for "Toast of the Town" (a.k.a. Ed Sullivan) and indicates it was the debut of C.B.S. Studio 72 color (Broadway and 81st street). The picture shows Janis Paige and John Raitt. According to The Internet Movie Database, they only appeared as guest stars together on "Toast of the Town" twice - 6/13/1954 and 8/22/1954.
Given the story on the RCA TK40A camera being purchased for CBS via Philco and delivered the fall of 1954 - I would expect the Studio 72 NTSC color broadcast was "Toast of the Town" August 22, 1954 (Season 7, Episode 49) and not the summer 6/13/54. The camera in the clipping looks like the RCA TK40A pictures on Edwin Reitan's web site.
My mother (Anne Baldwin, far right) and her sister (Francesca Baldwin, middle) are two of the dancers. I was attempting to determine the date.
Charles Cox