Friday, October 27, 2006

My Dear friends,

I am informing you via this generic letter that I will not be able to communicate with you as I did I the past. I will try my best on those, good days that will be rare to me that I can use this computer.
For you see, Nature, Life, has played a hand to me that I must travel alone on. Last August 2005, (as most of you know) I had Colon Cancer. The doctors thought they got it all. They did their best, but my body didn't cooperate, and as a result I now have cancer in multiple places. The cancer is malignant, so the only course open for me is try to live with chemo. That is a debilitating process and as I don't know how I will react to it. I can assume based on case studies that I shall experience all the ups-and-downs associated with this treatment process.
I hope you will continue to send me your jokes and I will, if I can, try to respond to them.
Ted, Dave,... and there are others in our group that are carrying like-crosses yet they do it in silence and with great aplomb. I am writing because I feel this WEB PAGE, is my child, I nursed it, I argued for it, I contributed my little musings, in a way too share a life-times memories with you. I am asking now for the young members of CBS to please contribute any little TID BITS, which fill a void in the ever changing history; about the men and women that made an industry appear as magic before the worlds eyes. And too, this will add your contribution to that parchment of glorious times.
The memorial page listing those CBS people that served in the military that I offered twice a year. On Memorial Day in May, and Armistice Day in November. It now needs someone to keep it up to date by adding the names of all employees that are presently serving, and too the men of the ENG (Electronic News Gathering) all over the world that are CBS staff. They should be included along with an addition to the list adding the names of the industries employees that perished in the WTC tower. We are expanding, but we are history, and that should be all inclusive.
I see the day when the TALENT will be sharing their vast memoirs with us.
So for now my friends, I shall sit back and read about all of you that filled my life with memories that still titillate my friends, family and neighbors. All it takes is a little digging back into the recesses of those Little grey-cells, and then adding a little pepper-and-salt to embellish a little, and you have a CBS employee, or one of Mr. Paley's boys, that seems to capture an audience.
Thank you, Major Bowes, U. S. Navy, Dick Stewart, Tommy Thompson, Bob Hammer, Jim Sermons, Mike DeIeso, Studio show Crews, Field Operations, ENG, all the Technicians, and talent that entertained me, And mostly
, Ted Perzeszty, whose brain and heart is filled with compassion for all, and has taught me so much.
Keep in touch, Please.
Tony Cucurullo