Friday, October 20, 2006

It was 1965, and I was employed by CBS as a Video Tape Tech. Marty Cohen, who was the supervisor, told me to familiarize myself with the area. I was to clean up, put tape reels away, put out tissue & fill the bottles with Freon. That evening they expected a lot of dignitaries because the first color tape was to go out on the flat bed Ampex 1000 tape machine. When I got back in the area of that machine, I noticed a large ball of dust lying on the floor at the bottom of a rack, so I proceeded to pick it up to toss it out in the trash. Suddenly, I was surrounded by a bunch of screaming people all in a state of great panic. It seems that the ball of heavy dust was covering the electronic circuit that was tacked together by, I seem to recall a "John Hewing" I'm not sure of the name, but see him in my mind as clear as day. It was not breadboarded as is usual, but a soccer-sized ball of twisted, tacked together parts, that was the color circuit, mind you, the only color circuit they had for that Ampex 1000 machine. Fortunately I hadn't put my hands together and they were able to gently return the ball to its spot on the rack floor. That was my introduction to the Video Tape Department & Color Broadcast Television at CBS. I spent five years among the madmen & things did get better.

Goody Freed