Saturday, October 14, 2006

I was hired on august of 1951 and was assigned to "Father Divine's Studio" which was on 109th. st. and 5th. ave. John Koshouris was my TD.
We broadcast two shows a day both in the morning. It was broadcast in field sequential so the people at home could not see them unless they had a color sequential receiver, all they saw was hash.
One show was with a man called Ivan Sanderson and he did a show with exotic animals.
The second show was an interview show called Mike and Buff. Mike was Mike Wallace and his then wife Buff Cobb.
At that time CBS color was superior to NBC, which was grainy and, if the subject moved too quickly, the color bled.
CBS color was quiet and the color was excellent. Unfortunately it needed a mechanical wheel to work.
One day, in another studio, I saw a contraption with three tubes - red green and blue .They were converged into what looked like a mirror. I think I was looking at the begining of rear projection TV.
When NBC won the FCC approval over CBS, all work stopped, and I was assigned to studios where I eventually became a videoman.

Cal Marotta