Friday, October 13, 2006

I believe if mr. Cox checks on my story he will find that the first scheduled colorcast was done by NBC, also at an uptown color studio -- the name of the studio was the Century. The cast was: HUME CRONYN AND JESSICA TANDY in a series called THE MARRIAGE.
The memory is sort of vivid because I was a vacation relief tech at NBC from March '54 into the summer of '54 and then onto CBS in august '54. I had attended the first resident color course at RCA Institutes and was the draftsman for their home study course. It was difficult keeping my distance in the NBC control room and all of that fascinating equipment.
Shortly after coming to CBS, I was assigned to the Colonial for the FCC tests of the NTSC system and the sequential CBS color wheel. Needless to say, the NTSC and NBC won.

Those are some very fond memories. It seems to me that the show was first done in spring-summer of '54.
Please correct me if my info is in error.

Bob Vernum