Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hello CBS retirees;

I am writing this on behalf of my dad, John Brennan who has been in the hospital with a broken hip. He's doing fine but is bored to tears. He is harassing the hospital staff with his quirky jokes humor. I though printing our some of your funny entries from this site would cheer him up. I printed also printed out some great photo's as well.
Since he has missed the 2006 luncheon due to being in the hospital, I though I might try and find out if the 2007 luncheon is in the planning stages yet. It's probably too soon but I thought I would inquire.
My dad often asks about Norman Ferro. I see that he has been to the last few luncheons. I printed out a picture that is sure to cheer him up.
If anyone has info on how to contact him , please advise.
I am working on getting my dad's photo collection together and I plan to scan them in for your albums.
Below is a picture of Johnny Brennan celebrating his 80th birthday with grandsons, Michael and Christopher.
He has since had another grandchild, Caitlyn Lauren, born 7/7/05.
I plan on providing him with more CBS updates as he is not computer savvy. (Don't tell him I said that)
When I try to tell him about computers , I tend to get a lecture like... I was a CBS cameraman for almost 40 years ,
etc.. etc... Gotta love him.
Thank you for your time and dedication to this wonderful website.
Lauren Stellwagen