Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"How can we forget?".......?
The Kennedy assassination Nov. 22, 1963. I was working over at George Gould's Studios, with Dave Dorsett and other CBS techs that were in the only layoff period in television time. I was at lunch, across the street from the NY Times, on 43rd Street. Devastating!
The Moon landing, with Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins, July, 1969. I had my three babies watch the TV-screen, even though I knew they might not remember. I had this idea that it might imprint on their memories, much as do certain unexplainable thoughts that do occur in everyone's reverie, that one cannot explain.
And there are other events along the life's path that impinge their shocking minutiae, that become mental visual recollections that sadden, delight, and stun our sensibilities.
None more so than 9-11-2001. My wife and I were at our breakfast nook and watching the morning news, when a live shot of the Twin towers appeared on the screen, and that heart-stopping scene of an airplane almost picturesquely gliding into one of the buildings. My emotions ran from an empathy for the people on the plane as everyone that has ever flown feels............ , "Thank God, I wasn't on that plane," attitude. Then when the second plane hit, "My God, what is happening? "Are we at war?" Followed by feelings that I might openly cry, and couldn't talk for the lump in my throat.
Later, my thoughts turned privately into rage, and retribution of all sorts. Until this day I marvel at the politically correct rhetoric that is played to keep us on an even keel of sorts.
When it was learned that there was a filial connection to this tragic occurrence, because CBS lost two members too the sum total of all the parts of humanity that day, I have cried in my heart, and I pray fervently each anniversary to aid the acceptance of all that perished that sad day, to heaven, and all other nirvana's that satisfy a surcease of anguish.
So! Do we forget? No! Is this our strongest recollection? History and personal time will record our selection . For now though, it has too be number one on the sadness parade.
Peace be with you.
Tony Cucurullo