Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hi Tony:

I see that you put the shot I sent to you of Megquier Island where we live on the internet. It came up under a Google search for my name. I was surprised to see that so quickly.

I was so sorry to have heard of the passing of so many of those with whom I had worked. Tony Ancona was such a good friend and I had so many funny memories of those times that he and I worked together.

Also I was shocked to read about Irv Elias. I could not believe that we lost such a talented and young guy. I was seriously considering him to replace me when it came time for me to take leave from 60 Minutes and retire. Unfortunately, conditions were such for me that I had to get out of the company immediately.

Winter is approaching up here in the north country and we had some light snow the other night up in the mountains. Here on the island though it's still been pretty warm for this time of year.

If, you would ever like to speak with Billy Edwards out on Long Island, here is his phone number. It's 516 - RO 6 - 8494. I'm sure he'd be shocked to hear from you after so many years since you probably last saw him at Telestudios. What a great guy he is and all things considered, he's still hanging in there ok.

Thanks for getting in touch with me and say hi to Ted, Dave and all the others in the group.


Joel Dulberg