Monday, September 25, 2006

First Cal Burns, now Tom Nadig and the list gets bigger. How often must we reach into the bag of superlatives to describe these men of quality.

Those that ply their trade in the maintenance department aren't looked upon as the same as those that sit in the cat-bird seat along with coach Madden, or Pat Summerall, or walk with the icon of a newsman with a camera sitting on your shoulder? Perhaps you speak to talent in studios as one of the crew. Maybe you have sat in the TD's chair and rubbed shoulders with the great directors that CBS had a plethora of? Well, the equipment always works, it can be magically resurrected with the show is in progress, unseen and not rewarded except by the operator who knows that he/she is only as good as the support people are.

Cal Burns, Tom Nadig, are just two of those that routinely made great maintenance decisions. As too the quality of the character of these very fine men, one would have been blessed to have worked a day with either of them. I particularly thank Tom, for his kind help to me as a fledgling Telecine maintenance man.

I know that men like Harold Deppe, would know the depth of the loss of these two men, as he too walked in association with them.

God Bless them and may he keep their souls close to the gates of heaven for they would recognize goodness.

Tony Cucurullo.