Monday, September 18, 2006


I enjoy your e-mail and look forward each day to a new batch. My Sicilian bride of forty four
years and I just returned from Bristol and Providence where we attended a family reunion. Needless to say, it was a warm and wonderful time. Your e-mail about the Italian language hit the spot. Those phrases and words describing a STOONOD describe me when I met the parents for the first time plus it seemed like a thousand AUNTS ringing me in at the kitchen table. But time and LOVE and my picture taken with PERRY COMO conquered all.
I was still at TELESTUDIOS when we got the news of the assassination. Dave Dorsett and I were on the elevator returning fron lunch when Bernie Jacobs informed us of the news. Another testament of the type of man George Gould was that he cancelled work during this tragedy. The restaurant you described opposite the NY TIMES was our CHEERS LIKE WATERING HOLE after work called GOUGHS with a wonderfully SURLY waiter named JOHN.
Keep the humor and insights and your patriotic philosophy coming.
Frank Novack