Saturday, September 30, 2006

I just received an e-mail from Royce Fish, reporting that Harry Remmers (at CBS-W) passed away yesterday.

Friday, September 29, 2006

I am urgently requesting ANY stories/photos:
View the shows Stan Gould and any of you who worked together, from the list below.

mailing address if you still pound the keys of a typewriter...
Jackie Sacs
4751 NW 49th Court
Tamarac, FL. 33319

Arthur Godfrey (there are already a few of those, but would like any remembrances WITH him)
$64,000 challenge
Barbra Striesand
Beacon hill
Beat the Clock
Capt. Kangaroo
Ed Sullivan
Search for tomorrow
Ernie Kovaks
Frank Sinatra
Gary Moore/Carol Burnett
Jackie Gleason
Mel Torme
Perry Como
Playhouse 90
Steve Allen
Ted Mack Amateur Hour
US Steel Hour
You Are There
Winky Dink and You
Olympics in Asaka
World Fair in Kyoto
Dem. Convention 1968
Rep. conv. 1968
Oval office with Presidents
Sam Levenson
You are There
Space recovery
Daily news broadcasts with the big commentators (Wallace, Cronkite, Rather, Reasoner, etc.)
Time is getting short, we have one week to go for next week's Friday, October 6th deadline on our Fall CBS Luncheon. If you haven't sent in your checks, do it soon and join us.

Tony Casola

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hi Tony
Thanks for the history on the Business Managers. I joined CBS & 1212 under Charlie Calame. Matty Carmello was the proctor for entrance testing. I took my test while working at UN Telecommunications. During a layoff at the UN, I applied at NBC & CBS. Both called me on the same day. I chose CBS & spent some 44 great years with all you great people.

Regards ...Harold Schutzman

I am very sorry to report that William Murtough passed away on Friday Sept. 22, 2006. His Florida home phone number is: 772-287-0772

Ted Perzeszty
It is time for the change of horses to drive the engine that supplies the fodder for all working men and women. We have had a variety of leaders to cope with the natural self-serving demands of the hydras at the top of the companies.

My first experience with the IBEW back in the ‘50’s was with the master Charlie Calame, and his wife Jean Robbins. Charlie’s style was of the old-fashioned labor-leader type generally depicted in the movies. But, for his time he was affective.

Following Charlie brought a profusion of wannabee’s that were technicians turned politicians. Lenny Bader, was bright but he got only what was given in an era when anyone could achieve a modicum of success. Followed by the Colonel (a real Air force Lt. Colonel) Art Korff, who set the pattern for company and union dialogue that exist to this day. The quarterly meetings. They were productive, until the company started using the great company negotiator Jim Sermons. I called him “Gentleman Jim” after the great fighter of the 1890’s Jim Corbett, the man that introduced the Solar Plexus punch to Heavyweight Champ John L. Sullivan. Jim Sermons could hit you below the belt and make you happy he did it.

The only man to really get something from Jim was Vincent Bartilucci. Vinny is responsible for getting the sons and daughters of CBS working people hired (including his own son Dan).

Then along came the irrepressible Michael DeIso. He was like a burr in Gentleman Jim’s ass. Mike is a natural born politician. He could run for public office. He is responsible for introducing the current Business Manager, Keith Morris, to the negotiating table. And it was at that table that the fiery Keith shot a blast across to Jim, that set the two on a course that exist to this day, except that Jim Sermons is retired and Keith Morris now has the mantle to protect the working men and women of CBS technical.

You must wish him well, for he is in an era when there just “ain’t any gittin.” I hope he can protect what he has, and hold the line on the rest. Good luck to Keith Morris, for what he achieves reflects to management, technical, and retired people.

Tony Cucurullo

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Thanks Tony,
Speaking of saving the day. George Progulis saved the day at a sports event, when there was spikes in the video and NO-ONE could find the solution. George called for all the techs to help pull the truck away from the stadium wall, because the bumper was touching the wall. It was difficult because all the cables had already been run and were very tight. It seems the stadium and the truck were at different polarities and that it was causing the trouble. As we leaned, and pulled, and pushed, and created a small space then George put a mat between the two and that worked fine. Another big save by a maintenance man.

Tony Cucurullo
My sentiments exactly . I worked at times with Cal Burns and Tom Nadig and I'm familiar with the work of maintenance technicians. They were a videopersons right arm. Sadly, it was an unusual TD who placed maintenance techs names on lists for Christmas gifts from stars whose shows the crew worked. Heck, I did not receive a gift one year from Studio One (Westinghouse) with the rest of the Studio crew. Do I ask the TD or not? I had been a tech two years. Am I being paranoid? Summoning up courage to question my TD, he looked puzzled and slightly annoyed
He shall be nameless but his reply lacked social grace. " I TOOK THE CREW LIST FROM THE WEEKLY CREW SCHEDULE AND YOU WERE ON VACATION THAT WEEK !. MAYBE NEXT YEAR." I then knew how a maintenance, master control and telecine tech must have felt.
On a positive note, I can cite a magnificent solution to a technical problem by one JIM PATTERSON down at the Cape. I previously wrote about Walter Cronkite's first color coverage using our CBS/W camera. CBS/NY master control notified us that our sub carrier frequency way off. We had no spare and Jim saved the day with a nail. He inserted a nail into a coil in the sub carrier circuit of the Camera Control Unit. The coil was wire around a cylindrical cardboard base. The nail was inserted inside the cylinder. Basic electronics 101 says that this changes the frequency of the circuit. Color was locked. WALTER was in COLOR. W. SHAKESPEARE our EIC, mumbled, " for the want of a nail.............."
Maintenance, MC, VIDEO had quietly saved the day.
With kindest regards to these unsung techs I have worked with -

Frank Novack

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hi Tony:

I see that you put the shot I sent to you of Megquier Island where we live on the internet. It came up under a Google search for my name. I was surprised to see that so quickly.

I was so sorry to have heard of the passing of so many of those with whom I had worked. Tony Ancona was such a good friend and I had so many funny memories of those times that he and I worked together.

Also I was shocked to read about Irv Elias. I could not believe that we lost such a talented and young guy. I was seriously considering him to replace me when it came time for me to take leave from 60 Minutes and retire. Unfortunately, conditions were such for me that I had to get out of the company immediately.

Winter is approaching up here in the north country and we had some light snow the other night up in the mountains. Here on the island though it's still been pretty warm for this time of year.

If, you would ever like to speak with Billy Edwards out on Long Island, here is his phone number. It's 516 - RO 6 - 8494. I'm sure he'd be shocked to hear from you after so many years since you probably last saw him at Telestudios. What a great guy he is and all things considered, he's still hanging in there ok.

Thanks for getting in touch with me and say hi to Ted, Dave and all the others in the group.


Joel Dulberg
Just a small correction to Bill Naeder's post about Vinny Rea. After leaving the construction shop, Vinny began working for WCBS TV Maintenance. Upon Joe Nessi's departure to TX, Vinny assumed the supervisor position of the shop. He remained the supervisor until shortly before he became ill. Vinny stayed up to date with all the current technology, and one of his last accomplishments was transitioning WCBS to non linear editing and server play back to air. He will be missed by all that knew him. His legacy lives on everywhere you look in the WCBS facility.

Bob Sims
WCBS-TV Engineering
212 975-6636

Monday, September 25, 2006

I just found out that Peter Quaranta has retired as IBEW Local 1212 Business Manager. The new Business Manager is now Keith Morris. I don't know when all of changes took place.

Ted Perzeszty
First Cal Burns, now Tom Nadig and the list gets bigger. How often must we reach into the bag of superlatives to describe these men of quality.

Those that ply their trade in the maintenance department aren't looked upon as the same as those that sit in the cat-bird seat along with coach Madden, or Pat Summerall, or walk with the icon of a newsman with a camera sitting on your shoulder? Perhaps you speak to talent in studios as one of the crew. Maybe you have sat in the TD's chair and rubbed shoulders with the great directors that CBS had a plethora of? Well, the equipment always works, it can be magically resurrected with the show is in progress, unseen and not rewarded except by the operator who knows that he/she is only as good as the support people are.

Cal Burns, Tom Nadig, are just two of those that routinely made great maintenance decisions. As too the quality of the character of these very fine men, one would have been blessed to have worked a day with either of them. I particularly thank Tom, for his kind help to me as a fledgling Telecine maintenance man.

I know that men like Harold Deppe, would know the depth of the loss of these two men, as he too walked in association with them.

God Bless them and may he keep their souls close to the gates of heaven for they would recognize goodness.

Tony Cucurullo.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

I am sorry to inform you that Vinny Rea passed away on September 20th. Vinny worked with me for many years when I was the supervisor of the Construction Shop. After his many years in the shop Vinny transferred to WCBS Radio maintenance. About 5 years ago he was forced to leave work as he developed cancer. Vinny loved his family and the time spent with them. He is survived by his wife Dina and three children, Paul, Linda & Danielle also survived by his mother Ida. Vinny was buried in Resurrection Cemetery, Staten Island, NY on Saturday, September 23, 2006, May he rest in peace.

Bill Naeder

Friday, September 22, 2006

I am very sorry to say, Tom Nadig passed away on Wed. Sept. 20, 2006. His wife phoned me on Thurs.
He was a good friend..

Harold Deppe

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I was recently advised, by his son, of the demise of CALVIN BURNS, N2EUM.
Cal will be remembered as being a member of a maintenance group; he left CBS shortly after the move into 57th street.

Harry Peterson, aka N2CJM

Monday, September 18, 2006


I enjoy your e-mail and look forward each day to a new batch. My Sicilian bride of forty four
years and I just returned from Bristol and Providence where we attended a family reunion. Needless to say, it was a warm and wonderful time. Your e-mail about the Italian language hit the spot. Those phrases and words describing a STOONOD describe me when I met the parents for the first time plus it seemed like a thousand AUNTS ringing me in at the kitchen table. But time and LOVE and my picture taken with PERRY COMO conquered all.
I was still at TELESTUDIOS when we got the news of the assassination. Dave Dorsett and I were on the elevator returning fron lunch when Bernie Jacobs informed us of the news. Another testament of the type of man George Gould was that he cancelled work during this tragedy. The restaurant you described opposite the NY TIMES was our CHEERS LIKE WATERING HOLE after work called GOUGHS with a wonderfully SURLY waiter named JOHN.
Keep the humor and insights and your patriotic philosophy coming.
Frank Novack

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I promised myself I would take pictures at the Open to share online with the CBS Retirees. Needless to say, whenever I ran into someone I hadn't seen in 15 years, the camera was at the other end of the compound. But here are a few that I know will bring smiles to your faces. I know running into all of the ladies and gentlemen put a smile on mine. Enjoy!! Click here ___>2006 US Open Album

Gayle DePoli

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"How can we forget?".......?
The Kennedy assassination Nov. 22, 1963. I was working over at George Gould's Studios, with Dave Dorsett and other CBS techs that were in the only layoff period in television time. I was at lunch, across the street from the NY Times, on 43rd Street. Devastating!
The Moon landing, with Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins, July, 1969. I had my three babies watch the TV-screen, even though I knew they might not remember. I had this idea that it might imprint on their memories, much as do certain unexplainable thoughts that do occur in everyone's reverie, that one cannot explain.
And there are other events along the life's path that impinge their shocking minutiae, that become mental visual recollections that sadden, delight, and stun our sensibilities.
None more so than 9-11-2001. My wife and I were at our breakfast nook and watching the morning news, when a live shot of the Twin towers appeared on the screen, and that heart-stopping scene of an airplane almost picturesquely gliding into one of the buildings. My emotions ran from an empathy for the people on the plane as everyone that has ever flown feels............ , "Thank God, I wasn't on that plane," attitude. Then when the second plane hit, "My God, what is happening? "Are we at war?" Followed by feelings that I might openly cry, and couldn't talk for the lump in my throat.
Later, my thoughts turned privately into rage, and retribution of all sorts. Until this day I marvel at the politically correct rhetoric that is played to keep us on an even keel of sorts.
When it was learned that there was a filial connection to this tragic occurrence, because CBS lost two members too the sum total of all the parts of humanity that day, I have cried in my heart, and I pray fervently each anniversary to aid the acceptance of all that perished that sad day, to heaven, and all other nirvana's that satisfy a surcease of anguish.
So! Do we forget? No! Is this our strongest recollection? History and personal time will record our selection . For now though, it has too be number one on the sadness parade.
Peace be with you.
Tony Cucurullo

Friday, September 08, 2006

OK, so I found some extra time!
The latest newsletter is now online, and can be found at ___>Latest Newsletter

Hi all,

The electronic version of our current newsletter should be online by Monday.
I've had some local priorities that have delayed my reformatting and posting.
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