Thursday, August 17, 2006

I just read your message on the website, and I thank you for your
Kindness. My sister used to work for the people who owned the Pentagon
Restaurant at our Grand Central studios and she and her husband Mike
who was a Golf nut knew many CBSers with the same love. Also a lot of
them went to Newtown High and did WWII together. My biggest problem was
trying to remember some of their real names not the nick names some used.
Thanks again,

Harry (aka Hank) Charles

(The late, murdered tech/Mgr) Leo Kuranoki and I became great
friends to the manager (Jimmy Stoller) of the Pentagon restaurant.

The three of us along with Gill Miller (TD) were horse players and we toured all the tracks even as far south as West Virginia. I loved these guys
they we like brothers to me. I think you remember the Studio 42 Switcher
group? We used to do Audio/Switching. It was a great learning area. Many
stories abound in my reverie.

Tony C.

I think you mean studio 43 in Grand Central. I spent 7 years there,
Max Stream did audio and I switched. Leo and I went down to his mothers place in Florida and built a gigantic swing set for his nephew Jeff, Out of two inch pipe. and then put AC in the house. That was some vacation, I haven't thought about that in years......