Monday, August 07, 2006

To Fred Harman
Dear Fred,

I am sorry to hear about your troubles. I know how you feel, I am sure there are many of us that have Vertical beam problems, and I have never been able to get up to 20 meters, but for an Italian I imagine I satisfied my transmitting using a smaller pole.

Fred, there was an amusing incident that I hope you might remember, it had to do with an itinerant technician that imbibed a bit on occasion. You had reached your point-of-no-return with him and called him to you office, as he stood before you weaving to hold his balance, you informed him that you would dock him a days pay . He smiled at you reached into his wallet and put $40 dollars on your desk and walked out saying, "I'm need another day off, thanks." First name was Frank, now gone.

Side note, while this is an amusing story, Frank, suffered a lot from memories incurred from heavy action in France during WW2. When sober, (which was most of the time) he was a good tech. I just thought you might like that humor.

Tony Cucurullo