Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Stan Gould's Passing

Dad passed away at 6:40 thursday. I was with him, by myself, to assist in his transition. it was quite exquisite, in his response to my permission to leave. he was totally non responsive on the physical side, but he sure did hear my silent request for him to give me one last gift: to be present when he passed. he not only granted that, but waited for me to give him permission to go. after i did, he was gone from my sight in 7 minutes.his passing was peaceful, as were his last days.dave, he knows you sent his regards anyway. consciousness does not stay in our own heads. it goes out into eternity.he was functioning on a much higher plane than us, and undoubtedly knew all the well wished he received.thank you for caring.and thank you for your cooperation with this book.