Sunday, August 27, 2006

Stan Gould's daughter, Jacqueline, is requesting photographs from the pioneers of CBS and their families. Many of those pioneers have passed on, but the photos have been inherited by the children, just like the Gould family pictures. They included CBS shots. The original photos sent to the website, would be great. They will be rescanned, with higher dpi for printing. Any others you may have are welcome! They will be returned, or a cd would be perfect. Please call Jackie and she will give you her address where to send them. She lives in Tamarac, Florida. (561-762-0070) Her book, "FOCUSING FATHER", is about a common man in an uncommon profession. It is her legacy project honoring Stanley Gould and the rest of the other CBS pioneers. The time has come to get your due, your recognition, for the jobs you did when TV was honorable and pure, in its infancy. Your stories and photos are about to be told. Please make sure you are included!