Thursday, August 10, 2006

The retirees site is getting more interesting as more memories come to the surface. I'd like to know if anyone has stories about studio 50 during the Gleason, Sullivan, Moore years. Before I started at CBS, while I was still in junior high, I called John Wray who was directing Sullivan and asked if I could visit the studio to observe the production with him. He sent me a beautiful letter which I still have. I was able to go to the studio and watch the Dress from the control room. Charlie Grenier was the TD and Marlo Lewis was the Producer. It was a great day and I still have the script from that show along with notes of what occured. It would be great to hear about these people; their backgrounds, personalities, stories and what they might have done after CBS. I have lots of other questions based on my studio visits in those days, but let's see where this one goes.

Gady Reinhold