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I'm sorry but I do not agree with you. I've only been aware of the website for a month or two but I find the "Messages " column saturated in Obituary news . It seems as though the website is dedicated to that one subject with the same information being posted for weeks. The preponderance of information deals with "death issues" so put it where it belongs, in the OBITUARY COLUMN.
I started out with great enthusiasm to check the site daily, but now it's become one big bore. For one, a death is important news that's why it has it's own separate column and Messages should cover all our other activities, just like the daily newspapers. CAPISH?
GOOD NIGHT & GOOD LUCK, (From one who used to do his shows -- an alumnus of Jan. 6th, 1945!)
John Louis Koushouris

Hi John,
Sorry for the late reply, but we've been on vacation.
The reason the death notices are in the "Current Messages" section is that some of our users were upset when they were only posted in the "In Memoriam" column, as they hardly ever look there, unless there is a mention in the "Current Messages" section. They were upset because they weren't "timely informed" of wakes, funerals, etc., and had missed some that they should have attended.
As for how long they are posted, the software we are using only moves current messages to the archives monthly.
Since the messages are entered in latest date first, it is not necessary to read more than the first few, unless there is exceptional activity.
As for the daily newspapers, it was my impression that if someone of importance passed on, they usually made it to the front page, or at least, the next few, as well as the obit section. As for us, all our members are of equal importance!
We are looking forward to more of your reminiscences, so that we may post them for others to enjoy, and possibly be less bored!
Thanks for your input,
Dave Minott
33 1/3 years @ CBS - 4 years retired