Monday, August 07, 2006

Life is a soap opera only with real players. The news that comes to me and Ted and Dave is of such a variety that it keeps me and them interested, perplexed, sad, delighted and alive. Earlier today George Klimsack called to tell me that he hasn't heard from Bruno Fucci in a week, and too, the Andy Rooney look-a-like, Charlie D'Onfrio has been attempting to locate him also. Bruno, although he is fighting Cancer gallantly will not just sit at home and wilt-away. He often goes on mini-vacations, to the casinos. But, I too worry about that guy that resembles the front bumper of a 125th. street bus.
Page two. I know it is dinner time and Pauline is probably yelling, "come to the table, your spaghetti is getting cold." That's the opening sentence from a tech that I haven't heard from in at least fifteen years because I heard he was still working in Florida and making enough money to support the Israeli war effort. None other than Art Shine. He has moved to Maryland because he in now involved with a Government job. So he says, and will add more when he returns next week. Art, was younger than most of us, although he made the first page of the seniority list, (which was the most important document in our industry, more important than the Magna Carter, and the Racing Form.) Art, was a prime player on most remotes quite talented as a Audio-Mixer-Engineer. And a flair for promoting himself as a producer to many of the talents that plied their trade on CBs shows. It'll be interesting to hear of his latest exploits. He did remember the time that we were on the plane about to land at Newark airport and the pilot informed us that the landing gear was not in position and he felt secure in trying for a landing, Art who was sitting across the aisle from me asked to start using my Rosary and pray for all of us.
We made it with much fear and trepidation in our hearts.

Tony Cucurullo