Thursday, August 10, 2006

I've had some communication with J Smith re: my experiences as a video engineer in STUDIO 50 or as he delightfully calls it "The ED". I would refer GADY REINHOLD to his E-Mail address to share their information on this venerable CBS building. Some would say that it shares this honor with THE CHINA SONG a BAR and restaurant next door which served as the CBS techs "CHEERS". One of his contributions to the website can be found in the Sept 2005 archives. We ought to help both these lads. As a start:
Does anyone remember the control room in the old sponsors booth?
Does anyone remember the control room at the back of the orchestra section?
Does any one remember the video room down one flight?
Does anyone remember LON the bartender at the China Song ?
If you can answer ONE QUESTION you should be able to answer the questions they would pose to you.
If I remember my fellow workers, help is on the way,

Frank Novack