Friday, August 04, 2006

In the middle 50's, the Sullivan show was to come from the old Madison Garden (49th st?) featuring the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus. It would be a first for Ed. It also became a practical joke first for the crew. While pulling cables downstairs below the main floor, someone noticed that the elephants were in a line swaying from side to side in unison.In front of the pack was Dick Douglas who had the habit of swaying from side to side but denied ever having elephant training. He had to be put in his place.

He bragged about his lawn and landscaping to the point where another tech told him the best fertilizer in the world was elephant dung not easily available in New York City. Dick was told to ask the roustabouts if he could have some elephant dung by now readily available. He packed it carefully in a cardboard box which was placed in the trunk of his car for the trip home. Unfortunately, the trip home included crossing a bridge out of Manhattan. Some wag called the police department with a description and license plate number of Dick's car claiming he had a suspicious package in the trunk of his car. Well, Dick was pulled over and asked what he had in the trunk. Dick told them "ELEPHANT DUNG". New York police do not suffer perceived wise guys patiently. Again, they asked. Another ELEPHANT DUNG! As tempers heated up, Dick was ordered to open the trunk.and there it was in all its olfactory splendor having sat in a hot car all day.
It was reported that Dick received a landscaping award for the greenest lawn in his community.
Dick crossed over the RAINBOW BRIDGE some time ago and probably greeted his fellow cameraman Stan Gould.
Frank Novack