Sunday, August 06, 2006

I sure enjoy the CBS page. Brings back a lot of great memories. The CBS web page looks great and I know the work that it takes to keep it going. I'm working on a new Church page and a local Ham page out here in Pagosa Springs in what was supposed to be my spare time. Besides the museum that I run, I've been with the County Sheriff's department since 1986 and hope to retire from it in January. While working for the department, I upgraded the "Dispatch Center" in 1995, got E-911 up and running and organized a "Search & Rescue" group. Built a mountain top solar VHF repeater for our department and the Ute Indian tribe. I've now have cut back on most of those activities but still involved with the State on Homeland Security issues. I want to get back to Ham radio. I was checking in at times on 20 meters with Harold Suchutzman but I had a major wind storm take down my beam. My vertical is not good enough for getting into the east coast. I'll say 73's as a lightning storm is coming in and my lights are flickering. Best to all of you.

Fred Harman