Friday, August 04, 2006

I see Joe Cabibbo's name mentioned and this story comes to mind.
What a great Union man this guy is. The scene: Shea Stadium, the reason, we were there because we was on strike at the time. Vinnie Bartilucci (Our erstwhile Business Manager) asked for a maximum effort to delay the NY Jets football game.

While there are many vignettes to this episode I will recant this one. Vinnie, was in handcuffs, and most of the strikers were rocking the control room truck. Off to the side Joe, myself, and a couple of others were trying to pass a line to get into the stadium when a police Lieutenant ordered us back, we kept up the banter just to make noise for no other reason, but to annoy, when the cop said, "One more word outta you, and I'll lock you up." That's when Joe uttered his famous line, "WHAT'S THE WORD?" And they did!!!!

That's my Joe Cabibbo story.

Tony Cucurullo