Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I had a bad experience with McAfee and would like to tell the rest of the group.
I purchased a new computer and this time it came a trial antivirus from McAfee. In my older computer, I had a trial of the Norton antivirus. After the trial period, I renewed several times, because I was happy with its performance and ease of operation. I decided to stay this time with McAfee, being that it was already in the computer and decided to renew.
First thing that happen, every other day it would prompt me to verify my subscription, so I had to click on it and go to the McAfee website to get a go ahead. This was a bit of a nuisance.
Then, I noticed that my credit card had been charged, not twice, but 3 times. I called in and the representative gave me a hard sell, saying that I could have a subscription for 3 years instead of one. But, that is not what I wanted. At much insistence, she gave me credit for the 2 extra charges.
The program suggested that I install the Privacy package. Well, it was included in the subscription, so I installed it. What a nightmare. It completely disrupted my email service. I ended up having to uninstall it.
Then my wife Linda notices that the antivirus scan was disabled. I told her I hadn't done it, so she enabled it. Next time I log on, I noticed that the antivirus scan feature was disabled again. I noticed that every time I logged on the same thing happened, again, another nuisance that I had to take care of. I had a chat with technical support at McAfee and explained the problem. I didn't think the guy was too competent. He gave me a website to go to and proceed with the solution. What a disaster!! My question was, why does the antivirus scan get disabled by itself all the time. The website solution said basically the antivirus gets disconnected once in a while and it showed me how to reset it manually. Damn it! I knew that, what I wanted to know is why it happens and how to fix it.
That did it! I went out and purchased a Norton antivirus program, uninstalled McAfee (and of course lost my yearly subscription). Now, we are very happy with Norton and haven't had a single problem. I suggest you make the membership aware of this so they don't fall in the same trap as we did.
Jorge Moran