Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hi Dave,

Some of the recent "Postings" mentioned Adrian Ettlinger. I was wondering if he remembers the time in Aug 1967 when he, John Ewing, Ellis Dahlin and myself met at a company in Palo Alto, CA called Mactronics, to build a color Slo-Mo machine for CBS, as ABC had an exclusive on the Ampex machine that year. We wound up with a double rack wide unit using parts and pieces from Ampex 2" tape machines, A Mactronics Disk drive, in 6 ft racks that weighed 600 pounds and CBS had to buy a seat for it to ship it on a plane....John and I traveled with it the first year, as operators. He on the southern NFL games, and I on the northern route, which explains why I wound up in Greenbay, WI on New Year's Eve.... However, I found out why there's a bar almost every other doorway there: 'cause that's as far as you can run at 20 degrees below zero...

Harry Charles