Monday, August 21, 2006

Greetings CBS Retirees:

FOCUSING FATHER is about Stan Gould and your legacy to the world: Television.
I need the following from you directly.:
CD's with original scans @ 300 dpi, for print. I received one with the tiny internet images and they can't be printed. Any of you who have those, please burn me a copy and mail it to JACQUELINE SACS, 4751 NW 49TH CT., TAMARAC, FLORIDA, 33192. Your personal stories working the shows that Stan also worked. NEW YORK SHOWS... They are YOUR stories, not his. Publishing them in a separate chapter is about YOUR LEGACY, not his, even though they are all connected! Either email Jackie Sacs at jackie@iSacsPhoto, or call 561-762-0070 in the evening. I will tape record your stories as you speak! Thank you for you wonderful cooperation.