Monday, August 14, 2006

From Tony Cucurullo

Having exercised my right of literary license to post all the messages of our association in a compiled mélange of reminiscences at the very conception of this wonderful and heartening digest, somehow I don't remember this WEB site becoming anyone’s personal" WEB Page of esoteric dalliances.

Or for that matter belonging to anyone or any particular subject other than what ever occurs to the myriad minds of the cognoscenti of CBS years past and present.

We are happy to post any message even sophomoric conversation with each other, because that gives the PAGE an air of informality, and supplies an occasional jocular reprise from the sad remembrances that tug at our hearts of the PIONEERS that constituted the makeup of this company of artisans and craftsmen, and yes, even super egos.

This page will continue to HONOR all those that pass over the Rainbow Bridge on their way to the CBS Pantheon.

Please feel free to continue to contribute your wealth of knowledge about the era in which you dominated, it is illuminating and very readable,

I might add too, the Webmaster Dave Minott has contributed his vast knowledge and artistic talents to this page while fighting life's battles in silence in hope that all would enjoy his efforts, and he hopes you graciouly accept the inconvenience of having to read about the immortals of CBS, and not the particular esoteric glories that do not require headline posturing.

Tony Cucurullo