Monday, August 21, 2006

From Howie Purnickto Tony Cucurullo

Dearest Old Friends,
Got your inquiring letter and thank
you for the interest and the good wishes. 4 Weeks ago Friday, I was in the
VA Hospital to give them blood to check on my liver functions. As is their
style they take all the vitals before they do anything. Lo and behold
while taking down the info they discovered that I was in the midst of a
Heart Attack!!! So they raced me up to the Intensive Care Unit and there I
stayed for the next week until all was stabilized and they felt I could
safely leave the hospital. Vida and I took the weekend off to rest and then
we went to see the cardiologist at Mayo Clinic. I took every test known to
man and last Tuesday he had all the results and the prognosis. I am happy
to report he considers me just about back to where I was before the episode
and feels things are great - considering. Some issues to resolve, such as
sleep apnea and acid reflux, but we are hot on the case and should have all
things as good as can be expected pretty soon. Now, if I can only get Vida
out of the Insurance guy's office!! She figures if I don't make it, she'll
be right there for him to cut the check! Anyway, things are going good and
I am happily back on my feet and returning to our standard sex 3 times a
day. (After meals). So, give my love to all and I thank them in advance
for any kind thoughts-- if they were saying "good, that'll teach the rat
bastard a lesson" tell them I'm still here just to spite them! Be kind to
each other, and remember me in your will
Howie the P