Saturday, July 22, 2006

What a pleasure to read today's Retirees page. John Koushouris, gave us all a chance to see a special window looking through the television looking glass. Certainly all that talent belongs in the Pantheon of CBS greats, along with you, John.

I am thrilled that I participated in a small way in one of your productions; I think it was Noel Cowards first appearance in Color television in the converted theatre on ( I believe 72nd St). Lou Tedesco, was the TD. He was straight laced as I recall, and on one day in particular he had the crew in the control room, and, as he was giving instructions for all of us to be on our special behavior; because of the renowned special guest actor Noel Coward would be gracing the television boards for the first time in his illustrious career.

Well, that would apply to almost all of us except for three of CBS'ers clown technicians, Al Diamond and Al Kozsak and Frank Harvey. Al Diamond, walked into the control room as Lou was talking, and Kozsak and Frank Harvey, unobtrusively reached into Al Diamond's jacket (side note: in those days we, all the crews wore jackets, shirts and ties, no exceptions') and pulled onto his shirt and ripped off his shirt and tie in one-continuous pull; much as a studio-prop-shirt would do. We. broke-up in roaring laughter and Lou, SCREAMED to stop, and ordered Al Diamond, Al Koszak, Frank Harvey off the show and back to the Schedule Desk. I think it was you John that saved their careers?

My apologies if some parts of the story are embellished some, but the incident is correct, it did indeed happen. Thanks John for the memory!

And as another note to Harry Charles, thanks for the literary treat. You grace our reverie with Dickensonian/Dr. Seuss type characters. And fills our knowledge base with the desire to research for this literature. I bow to our WEBMASTER Dave Minott or his wife Holly who posses between them several thesauruses, encyclopedias to come up with the author.

John Koushouris, Harry Charles thanks for filling another day for an aging technician, who enjoys this page immensely.

ED NOTE: To John Koushouris

You mention Adrian Ettlinger, did you know that he along with another great Tech/Mgr; Les Burkhardt were the first team stage rocket that got this WEB Page off the ground. And of course it is flying along nicely with the help of Ted Perzeszty. ( who is working without overtime pay, how nice.)

Tony Cucurullo