Tuesday, July 04, 2006

(Neal is top left)

Each time I open this page I enjoy the messages that is supplied by all of you. Some is very informative, and others bring fond memories to my reverie. To read that Neal Curtis is now in an assisted living facility is somewhat saddening. I can only see Neal as the supervisor in one of the maintenance shops at CBS, 57th Street. Along with Joe Gomola, Walt Prince, Bill Black, Hal Foster, Hal Schutsman, and many others that made up one of the happiest places to work in. For to be with Neal meant there was always some kind of fun going on. If you couldnt get along with Neal then there had to be something wrong with your own personality. True there were a couple of crullers in the group (as there was percentage wise in any other group) but Neal made you feel welcomed.
There was many characters too, one comes to mind is a tech that had the biggest gastrointestinal problem at CBS, I wont mention his name (actually I cant come up with it at the moment, but I wouldnt mention it anyway) but, I have seen on occasion where he emptied out the shop, and Neal and the others would be doubled over with mirthful laughter.
Neal Curtis certainly belongs in anyones memory bank as a true and outstanding gentleman. As a neophyte maintenance man Neal realized I was really a studio tech and helped me so that I could carry on with all those queer-for-gear-types.
He was also very proud of his son (A Secret Service Agent) that won many a competition as a marksman. In life you meet many personalities and that variety makes for an enjoyable mix. When one stands out for so many good qualities then he becomes a friend that is never forgotten. Neal Curtis is a friend to so many people. I wish him the very best that life has to offer.
Tony Cucurullo