Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My name is George Rothweiler. I came to CBS in July of 1975 as a 21 year old kid with only 2 years of camera experience. Now entering my 32nd year I can now share so many good stories about the veteran Studio and Field guys I"ve had the "Honor" to work with and learn from...
Stan Gould was one of them. I was looking through the Dictionary the other day when I saw the word
"CLASS" believe it or not Stan's picture was beside it...No other words were needed just his picture...
He was a man who treated all the new kids with respect and that same respect was given back to him... I worked many Football/ Basketball games and Golf Tournaments with him. He always did a class job. Very humble about his camera abilities, however we all new how good he was!
We worked a few Super Bowls together, but there was one evening in Studio 41 that he blew me and Barry Drago away. I believe the show was called Camera 3A.
The Director asked Stan to do a 360 degree move around a piano... Barry and I were his cable guy's that evening. We were still using the old Norelco cameras. Stan took the request, practice the move a few times like a true pro should. He nailed the move... Barry and I just shook our heads patted Stan on the back and moved on to the next shot.
I could see it in his eyes he new he nailed it! No
bragging just smiled to himself and we moved on...
"That's Stan Gould"
George Rothweiler - "Class of 75"