Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My legacy project on Stan Gould is coming together very nicely. This is the most personal endeaver I have ever created regarding honoring the one person responsible for infusing me with his wonderful gifts: Photography, Art, Writing, Humor, Insight, Compassion, Honor, Integrity, Intention....

Please assist me by calling me with your anecdotes [561-762-0070], or writing them to Tony Cucurullo or Tony Casola and they will forward it to me.

Stanley is not available at this time in his transition to tell me his CBS technician stories to me anymore. So I need YOU to relate them to me, preferably including your encounter with him, or your own stories without him. INCLUDING HIS CBS BROTHERS IN THIS BOOK IS IMPERATIVE TO CAPTURE THE FLAVOR AND ESSENCE OF YOUR EXPERIENCE BACK THEN!

YOU ARE THE BACKBONE OF CBS TELEVISION HISTORY! Your assistance and ackknowledgement in FOCUSING FATHER, THE BOOK AND LEGACY OF ONE TV CAMERAMAN, is very much a family project (meaning you) and bringing it to the world at large. Suggestions for other ideas to include are welcome.

I will notify you of his passing. Those of you who called him, thank you for connecting with him again. It was perfect closure, full circle. I KNOW it touched him deeply.
I am urgently requesting ANY stories: can you view the shows Stan went over and confirmed working on them, off the list from this site:

Arthur Godfrey (there are already a few of those, but would like any remembrances WITH him)
$64,000 challenge
Barbra Striesand
Beacon hill
Beat the clock
Capt. Kangeroo
Ed Sullivan
Search for tomorrow
Ernie Kovaks
Frank Sinatra
Gary Moore/Carol Burnette
Jackie Gleason
Mel Torme
Perry Como
Playhouse 90
Steve Allen
Ted Mack amateur hour
US Steel hour
You are there
Winky dink and you
Olympics in Asaka
World Fair in Kyoto
Dem. Convention 1968
Rep. conv. 1968
Oval office with Presidents
Sam Levenson
You are there
Space recovery
Daily news broadcasts with the big commentators (Wallace, Chronkite, Rather, Reasoner, etc.)