Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mr. Deppe echoed my sentiments exactly! I produce television commercials now for a living. While sitting in the digital editing suite one day, while a 26 year old editor effortlessly assembled my spot on his computer controlled, linear digital editing thing-a-ma- jig, I asked him if he realized that at one time, television commercials were done LIVE. He turned to me with a puzzled look and said "How the heck did they do THAT?" Those of you who worked in television's early days must not slip away without giving the rest of us the opportunity to learn what it was like when the equipment was heavy, crude and full of vacuum tubes. Compared to today's auto set- up, HDTV, small and light, digital this and that, the early equipment was truly like stone knives and bear skins. But you made television! And some of the best television ever produced!I did my television internship behind a vintage RCA TK-44 studio camera. State of the art for the 1970s, yet truly a monster by today's standards. Today's generation of technical people, while very talented, need to have the opportunity to see what it was like for the people who paved the way. A look back, before video tape, before zoom lenses, before color. To the days when it took two men and a horse just to dolly a studio camera around the floor.The Golden Age of Television wouldn't have been possible without all of you. We can see the shows...a few kinescopes still exist. But the images and stories of what went on behind the cameras shouldn't fade to black.
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