Monday, July 10, 2006

Let me start by correcting a message about Stan Gould the telephone number to speak to Stan is:
(954) 971-4531.
I did just that; I spoke to Stan. His spirits are just, O.K. He remembered the good times we had together.
He along with Bruno Fucci and other cancer fighters have such heroism about the cross they carry.
But, mostly the images they conjure about our times together in making an infant industry into a way-of-life.
When you mention the likes of Stan Gould you are talking about an artist with a TV camera.
As I have said before there are plenty of camera-pointers, then there are the CAMERAMEN,
that see the picture as a continuation of the story that the director wishes to portray.
The likes of Lincoln, McBride, Classon, Paoli, Weldon, Sokota, Husni, these men and Stan
set the standards by which the rest of the industry followed.
Stan Gould, is one class act as a gentleman and great friend to have. Give him a call.
Tony Cucurullo