Saturday, July 08, 2006

Just thought I'd drop a line to let people know what's going on at CBS right now. First of all, ST47 is torn apart and being rewired waiting for the new set for Katy Couric. I hear a new control room and graphics area are in the works but that's just a rumor. ST43 is now being converted to HI-DEF and the floor is waiting for a new set for the NFL this fall. There is a new HI-DEF co-ord room in place for the NFL and is awaiting a HI-DEF server for commercial playback. There is a new network starting this fall, made up of the old UPN and WB networks. It is a co-venture between CBS and Warner Bros. The network will originate at the Broadcast Center in the BOC area. There have been a bunch of new 403G hires created for this work. It is 120 hours a week of feeds. Viacom Video Services has become CBS Video Services and keeps on expanding with duplication and color correction facilities. A new Media Distribution Center will start construction very soon and will replace the BOC control rooms with 5 rooms, all server based and HI-DEF. TX will also move into the old BOC area. ST42/45 have Guiding Light, ST44 has Sunday Morning and Inside Edition and ST41 has BET. The place is full. WCBS radio88 is on the 8th floor of the News Building. From a facility that looked like it was dying some years back this is a great recovery. Of course it's not as exciting as it was in the live days of the 50's and the big tape days of the '60's and '70's, but I'm sure the young people today will remember these days as the good old days.The site is great and I will be posting some specific questions in the near future hoping to draw out some memories from the great retirees who made CBS what is was and is!!
Gady Reinhold