Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's about time I responded to Stan's difficulty. I only knew Stan from various assignments he had with me. He never looked down on me as being the "NEW TD" (as did others) and he always treated an assignment whether with me or the more recognizable TD's as a true adventure in live television. My admiration for him is known to all... just to have breakfast with him was a great beginning to the day whether it was early--early at Boston Garden, or at a playoff game.
I sometimes find it difficult to communicate with friends in his situation. I have been in touch with Bruno both while I lived in California and now while I am here in Seattle. Two years ago I had a relatively close brush with mortality due to malignant melanoma - which happily, I seem to have survived.
I will call Stan when I can swallow the lump... he's a great guy, don't forget him.

Bob Vernum