Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hi Guys:
I received an email from Gary Kiffel today to tell me that Irv Elias passed away today. So sad to lose another brother. May he rest in peace.
73 de Ray Sills

To all:

Irv Elias was an integral part of the technical staff at WCBS Newsradio 88 (1967-?). Due to staff reductions, Irv transferred to CBS-TV Studio Show Crews and was assigned the audio duties for WCBS-TV news broadcasts. He later went on to be the audio 1 technician for the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather as well as being audio assist for CBS Sports Broadcasts. Irv had the nicest collection of Ampex 350 audio tape machines that anyone could possibly desire. As far as we, who knew him, were concerned he was always a very nice guy, and a dedicated technician. I certainly trust that the CBS Retirees web site will convey more compassion to Irv's passing than was given to Julius McLaughlin when he passed. Julius was a great tech at WCBS radio and later at WCBS-TV. He devoted his entire being to the art of good broadcast technique.
Hey!!! This is the "younger generation" that are passing on, we weren't at CBS when the "Tiffany Network Years" were in their prime. Most of us were hired by CBS in 1967...39 years ago.
Bob Maickel W2BOB